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Food truck - FT-01


Entris d.o.o.


Foodtruck R&D


Industrial design R&D


Ljubljana 2017

I worked with the company Enntris on the concept design and pitched the modular idea. The next phase was ideation sketching, where i developed ideas and working systems for the mobile and modular fastfood restaurant. After that i began drawing a detailed 3D model of the kitchen, and the Iveco Daily chasis. We choose the preferable materials and details, and added the famous Lars & Sven brand visual identity. I did the overall design organization of the vehicle, the program of the interior, 3D model, renderings, promo video and some graphical elements for the webpage. Mobile kitchen is designed with the idea, to travel across the Slovenia, and sell their famous burgers anywhere. While the kitchen is removable, and can be positioned anywhere, the van serves as a servis module for gath- ering supplys. The architecture of the fastfood store is a large 20ft shipping container thats been customized to fit the program. The idea is to grow the range of the brand, and sell more burgers, with driving to locations, where are no burger ventures. Food truck is planned to visit different location everyday. The location of the event is advertised the day before as a public event on social media. The kitchen fits four workers, where one is at a cashier, two are preparing the food, and one is working as a manager. The facade of the kitchen module is made of coragated sheet plates, and steel construction, that gives strong form and modern look.

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