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Classroom of the Future


Natečaj Ministerstva za Šolstvo, Zavod Republike Slovenija


Učilnica Prihodnosti


Industrial design R&D


Ljubljana 2020

With a small team I participated in a public design com- petition submitted by Ministry of education of the Republic of Slovenia. When the results came, we won the 2nd prize. The competition goal was to create an architectural design solution, for a classroom of the future. The future is flexibility. The basic design and at the same time pedagogical feature of the classroom is the contrast between full and empty space, which the teacher and students arbitrarily combine in the current creation of the learning landscape. By arbitrarily arranging the elements of the full space, students and teachers can create different configurations of learning corners according to the current needs of the class and thus create an optimal learning environment on their own. Future is modular. We designed a multifunctional landscape with a huge variety of applications, such as ergonomic soft seating furniture, buildable chairs and tables, and multifunctional wall with extrudable furni- ture. All the seating surfaces in the classroom fits the ergonomic standards. The classroom is also equiped with lockers, video projectors, digital fabrication sta- tion (3d printer), computer station and a small library. Materials that were used are polycarbonate, plywood, linoleum, epoxy, ash wood and anodized aluminium.Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia Team: Peter Kovač, Gal Rančigaj

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