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Adria Modus, ALUO


Adria Modus


Industrial design, Concept design


Ljubljana,Slovenija, 2016

Modul is a winning entry of the Adria student design competition, that I made under mentorship of architect Primož Jeza. The idea behind the concept was that each customer can choose which of the components he needs and his prefered arrangement. Than the brand would transport and assembly the modules together to form a structure. This idea gives buyers an option, to later on change the arrangements of their modules. The main goal was to design different modules, with the same profiles, for easy modular assembly. The archi- tecture of Modul has a tempered steel frame that gives each modul its structe, on which the platform and plywood sidewall sendwiches are built. Facade is made of thin concrete board panels, and wood. that makes the structure look like a part of the nature. The other idea was to make off grid living safer, so thats why each modul can be closed and sealed tight, to prevent intru- sion or burglary. Concept was presented on the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana, as part of group presenta- tion. A week later Adria responded with the results, and modul was the winning concept. Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana 2016

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