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Cafelier - C1




Cafelier c-1 -Avtomatski čistilec kavnih aparatov


Industrial design, brand identity


Ljubljana, 2017

Cafelier is a device designed for automatic espresso machine cleaning. Its an inovation in the field of automated cleaning. Me and my friend Jure designed the brand and made the first Cafelier prototype in 2017. Since then the device went through some additional aesthetic and functional changes. Today, Cafelier is a common used device in bars and restaurants all across the world, and is sucsessfully helping baristas do their work better and faster. Our GEM is the brush, made from carefully pick-up material PEKALON II from Germany which is resistant to high coffee machine temperature. Suits for more than 70% of the espresso machine market. Fits into professional and semi-professional espresso machines with a 57-58mm portafilter. It only weighs 0,6 kg. Cafefully selected high-end materials are designed to keep you and your espresso machine unharmed. Proudly made, designed and fully hand-assembled in Slovenia (EU). The product is in curtosy of Cafelier d.o.o.     


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